Drastically Shorten the Cycle Time From File Submission to Reporting Close

All your operational and financial performance data, mapped together in a single solution to automate accurate reporting and optimization across your portfolio.


Automate Operator and Partner Data Collection and Reporting

Cherre’s new asset management reporting package automates the validation process, liberating you from Excel wizardry, manual data mapping, and master reporting sheets.

Here’s how it works:


You map submissions to standard templates and Cherre's data model (one-time)


Your operators and partners upload their operational and financial files to Cherre every reporting cycle. We automatically validate the files against our data model and standard business rules


You receive alerts when your data is ready to review, with any errors clearly identified on the dashboard

Regain control of your reporting cycle

Instant alerts and validation

Get an email as soon as your data is ready for review.

Real-time dashboard and report updates

Start your reporting cycle as soon as data comes in - ensure you can close your reporting cycle on time.

Eliminate manual Excel mapping

Trade manual data entry for instantly validated data.


Maximize your internal resources

  • Generate consistent reports faster (waaaaaay faster!) on a trusted data set
  • Grow AUM without growing headcount
  • Free up thousands of hours annually to actually focus on accounting, finance, and asset optimization


Mapping options can include: 

  • GL
  • Trial balance
  • Operating budgets
  • Master chart of accounts
  • Master chart of accounts mapping
  • General attributes (properties, units, floors)
  • Rent rolls
  • Tenant delinquencies
  • Security deposits
  • Income statements
  • Utility bills
  • Retail sales
  • Transaction ledger
  • Lease abstraction
  • Work orders

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    The only end-to-end solution, from submission to visualization.

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