Optimize Your Fund and Grow Your Investor Base

Powered by AI and the most comprehensive connected data available

Anticipate market changes, identify hidden opportunities, and differentiate your fund strategy with advanced decision-making, portfolio analytics, and machine learning tools – all within a single data kit.

Leverage a data model as unique as you

By blending artificial intelligence and market-leading data, Cherre offers a data model that mirrors your institutional knowledge, continually improving as it learns alongside you.

Expose investment opportunities

Use Cherre to prove your competitive advantage and attract capital for your strategy.

Select markets and submarkets with conviction

Empower informed decisions with Cherre's Market Health Score, Opportunity Score, and risk analytics capabilities.

Evolve and adapt ... before your peers do

Move beyond one-size-fits-all "advisory services." Unlock your full potential with an extensible data model, differentiate your investment thesis, and respond swiftly to market changes.

Operationalize Your Institutional Knowledge Through AI and Connected Data

Market selection
Identify markets that will boost returns and provide portfolio stability with tailored Market Health and Opportunity Scores.

Fuel the creation of IC memos and PPMs with Benchmarking Fundamentals, Market Economics, and Market Risks.

Rank and compare submarkets with Submarket Health and Opportunity Scores to deploy acquisitions teams and capital.

Investor relations and reporting
Easily generate quarterly reports with Portfolio Performance Benchmarking. Answer new or unexpected investor questions by leveraging the broader Cherre platform.

Learn how Cherre can deliver an investment management experience tailored to your unique needs.

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