Less Data Wrangling. More Decision Making.

Automate data collection and validation from service providers and partners.

The Cherre Data Submissions Portal automates and simplifies real estate data collection for investment managers and fund administrators.
  • Ingest and map any type of real estate data, including financial, operational, tenant experience, and ESG
  • Reduce manual data collection and reporting costs
  • Increase data accuracy and completeness
  • Accelerate reporting cycles
  • Quickly onboard new service providers and partners
  • Monitor and assess performance of service providers and partners
  • Enhance data-driven decision making and performance optimization across your portfolio
Maintain unprecedented flexibility, control, and transparency over your submission cycles:
  • Customize your own submission templates, or choose from Cherre’s prebuilt library of financial, operational, tenant experience, and ESG submission templates
  • Manage chart of account mapping
  • Manage and track submissions
  • Review and approve data with one click

Stop wasting time on Excel wizardry. Instantly validate your data with Cherre instead.

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