Seizing Opportunities Amid Market Turbulence: Why Waiting Means Losing

How investment managers can outpace market recovery by leveraging AI and connected data.

Real estate is facing severe headwinds, as higher-for-longer interest rates exert extraordinary pressure on the real asset market. But the consensus among capital markets experts is clear: Waiting for rates to subside before deploying capital is a losing approach.

Fortunately, AI and connected data can empower investors and managers in uncovering opportunities, creating a differentiated strategy that propels them into the winner’s corner.

The webinar is for:

  • Commercial real estate investors, investment managers, and asset managers across retail, residential, office, industrial, and niche asset types
  • Fundraising teams
  • Acquisitions teams
  • Investor relations teams
  • Owner representation
  • Investment committees and portfolio strategists

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